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Piper Turpen Avatar

Talk about attention to detail...Jenni Martinez takes the time to really listen about your business and picks up on the small details. She wants to know how your business operates from the inside and out...which will end up saving you loads of money for your commercial insurance. She simply does a FIVE star job!

Piper Turpen 3/27/2019
Valerie Gray Avatar

Jenni Martinez is attentive to her clients needs. She’s always out to save the money and get the best coverage. She’s also responsive and doesn’t waste time. Thank you Jenni for being so wonderful!

Valerie Gray 3/01/2019
Amber Lee Avatar

Jenni was incredible! Her online presence helped me find reliable and fast service. I needed a policy change w/great coverage, for the right price. Not only did she find it, but she had me covered the same day! Thanks again! Look forward to referring my Real Estate Clients over for service I can trust!

Amber Lee 8/29/2019
Valerie King Avatar

Butler is my favorite because they are so honest. And they work hard. And they're friendly. Like, so kind. Sit with them and ask the hard questions. It's worth it.

Valerie King 10/05/2018
katherine carpenter Avatar

Jenni Martinez is amazing at what she does. Found me the best quote around and is super fast and friendly. I would recommend that you use her for all insurance needs. SHE IS AMAZING!!!!

katherine carpenter 3/19/2019
Lynn Butler Avatar

Amazing team here! They look out for my business and personal insurance needs. Would recommend for any insurance help you have!

Lynn Butler 8/09/2019
Robyn Payne Avatar

Shane and Stacy and their staff offer a complete portfolio of products they will use to satisfy your individual insurance needs. They are thoroughly professional and the level of support they provide is the best. You can count on them to help you protect all that matters to you.

Robyn Payne 10/08/2019
bryan lewis Avatar

Jenni Martinez is fantastic. She makes sure you have the coverage you need and more importantly ensures you don't have coverage you don't need. I would recommend her and Butler Insurance to anyone.

bryan lewis 8/19/2019
Brice Rutledge Avatar

Great agency, they have more knowledge of the policy than any agency I’ve seen across the country. I’m the local property adjuster for nationwide, I have not seen any of their customers who are not properly insured. If your looking, they are a great option.

Brice Rutledge 8/29/2019
Sally Fuller Avatar

I’ve been a client of Butler Insurance for almost two years now. I’ve worked with both Stacy and Amanda and I have always received exceptional service from them. They were very helpful when I was involved in an accident and they walked me through the process. They are great to work with!

Sally Fuller 9/18/2019
Dr. Jillaine St.Michel Avatar

Working with Jenni the past couple of months has been a breath of fresh air. She helped me with a smooth and easy transition from my previous malpractice insurance to my current policy. She found a policy that gives me great coverage, and was helpful in answering any and all questions. She continues to be a helping hand and actually answers the phone and responds quickly to emails. Highly recommend!

Dr. Jillaine St.Michel 2/28/2019
Andrew Fuller Avatar

Perfect Earth Landscaping uses Butler Insurance for all our business insurance needs. They have been great to work with and always have great service!

Andrew Fuller 11/19/2018
Lauren Ertz Avatar

You are in good hands with Shane and his team, who will work extra hard to get you the best results possible. I completely trust Shane’s judgement and appreciate his knowledge. I highly recommend!

Lauren Ertz 10/05/2018
Angel Kester Avatar

Jenni is amazing! If you haven't had your insurance quoted recently, I suggest you do. She's awesome at finding the best coverage for the best price.

Angel Kester 2/28/2019

What Our Clients Say

Valerie King Avatar

Butler is my favorite because they are so honest. And they work hard. And they're friendly. Like, so kind. Sit with them and ask the hard questions. It's worth it.

Valerie King 10/05/2018

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